D-03 D-04


  • Stainless steel frame (AISI 304) – prod. code: D-03 OR
    Μetallic frame with epoxy finish – prod. code: D-04
  • Height adjustable (50 – 90 cm) – hydraulic / foot pedal adjustment
  • 2 sections sleeping surface made of steelsheet (60x190cm)
  • Back section manually operated – 70°
  • Stainless steel height adjustable side rails in each side, manually operated
  • Push / Pull Handles
  • Stainless steel Reception for IV Pole / stainless steel IV pole
  • Stainless steel Holder for oxygen bottle
  • Storage place
  • Polyurethane mattress with waterproof removable cover
  • 4 bumpers (one at each corner)
  • 4 wheels (all braked)
  • Dimensions: 196x66x50/90 cm


Dimensions, number of drawers / shelves, upon request.

The Hydraulic Patient Stretcher D-03 D-04, is ideal for placing and transferring patients.
The patient is lying on the Stretcher in order to be transferred. For the convenience of the patient, the bed surface is consisted of separate parts.
A hydraulic mechanism allows the user to adjust the height of the Stretcher surface, where the patient is lying.
The 4 castors allow the user to move smoothly towards any direction.
It is suitable for Hospitals, Surgical Centers, Clinics etc.